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ASE Iridium Active Antenna AA515-40 | Satellite Phones Direct

ASE Iridium Active Antenna AA515-40

ASE Iridium Active Antenna AA515-40


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When you need to go beyond 20 meters, we recommend our powered, active antenna. It has two antennas inside, one for transmit, one for receive and both are boosted with amplification. This solution is rapidly becoming a winner when external radiation from other antennas start to interfere. This item comes with 40 meters of cable.

Iridium satphones were originally designed to operate with a passive antenna, either an element attached directly to the handset, or a remote aerial connected with a short length of coaxial cable. Unfortunately, a signal loss of more than 3dB in a remote antenna's connecting cable degrades performance due to attenuation of both the received and transmitted signals. A 3dB loss corresponds to approximately 20m of LMR600 or 6m of LMR240 coaxial cable, lengths that clearly restrict the mounting options for the antenna using standard down-leads.

The AA511 Active Iridium antenna is designed for use with specific lengths of coaxial cable terminated with 'N' connectors, or a down-lead with an equivalent loss. Designed for harsh environments, the AA511 consists of two RHCP dipole antennae housed within a single 4mm thick GRP radome mounted on a common base. One antenna is for signal transmission and one for reception. A linear power amplifier within the base and connected to the transmitting antenna compensates for signal loss incurred mainly by the connecting cable. Similarly, a low noise amplifier is attached to the receiving antenna, via a low loss ceramic filter, to boost the signal sent to the telephone. The ceramic filter has a bandwidth of 50 MHz centered on the Iridium band to attenuate any out of band interference that may arise.

Product CodeASE-AA515-40
ManufacturerApplied Satellite Engineering
Product CodeASE-AA515-40
ManufacturerApplied Satellite Engineering

*NOTE* Use of the incorrect cable at the specified length or shortening the supplied cable can damage the antenna and invalidate the warranty.

Included Cable Length

  • 40 meters

Dimensions (without mounting bracket)

  • 9.65 x 3.36 x 2.76 in
  • 245 x 85 x 70 mm

Weight (without mounting bracket)

  • 1.76 lbs
  • 0.8 kg

Operating Temperature

  • -40°C to +85°C

Antenna Head Connection

  • N Type Pigtail to TNC


  • 1610 - 1630 Mhz


  • Right Hand Circular

Antenna Type

  • RHCP Dipole

Ceramic Filter Bandwidth

  • 25 Mhz (Rx)

Operating Voltage

  • +18 to 36 Vdc (nominal 24 Vdc)

Current (max)

  • 500 mA

Transmit Power

  • 2 Watts

Antenna Gain

  • 8 dBi


  • 41 dBm


  • -20 dB/K

rx/tx Frequency

  • 1650 to 1630 Mhz

Elevation Coverage Required

  • 5 Degree Above Horizon

Cable Length Restrictions

  • Subject to 12 db loss in cable at 1650 Mhz

Roaming Capabilities

  • None


  • 40 Meter RG213 Coax Cable
  • Active Antenna Kit
  • Mounting Bracket

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