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Globalstar Service Plans | Satellite Phones Direct

Service Plans

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Get a FREE GSP-1600 phone when you sign up for Orbit 100/Galaxy 1200 plan or higher!


  • Phone must be activated before we can ship the phone
  • Discounted rates valid for 12 months
  • To get your free phone, simply select one of the Unlimited plans from the drop down menu on the GSP-1600 page ($50 activation fee will be charged), and fill out and return the Globalstar Service Agreement.
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Globalstar Monthly & Annual Plans

Please click here to download the Globalstar Service Agreement, required for activation.  A $50 activation fee will be collected (added to dropdown menu).

Globalstar Calling Plans

Additional Information

  • 12 month term applies.
  • A $50 Activation Fee will be collected by Satellite Phones Direct. The Monthly/Annual plans will be charged by Globalstar directly.  Applicable taxes will be applied to service plans.
  • Inbound Short Messaging included in all plans
  • Voice calls within Home Zone will be billed first minute then 30 second increments
  • Roaming and Long Distance Calls (outside of Home Zone) will be billed first minute then 60 second increments
  • Data calls will be included and billed in 15 second increments.
  • Subscriptions on the same annual plan and the same account will have the minutes pooled.
  • Unused airtime will not be rolled over to the next billing cycle.
  • All annual service plans of $480.00/year or less will be charged a Network Maintenance Fee of up to $120.00/year upon renewal. All annual service plans of more than $480.00/year will be charged a Network Maintenance Fee of up to $150.00/year upon renewal. All monthly service plans of $40.00/month or less will be charged a Network Maintenance Fee of up to $9.99/month after 6 months of activation. All monthly service plans of more than $40.00/month will be charged a Network Maintenance Fee of up to $12.50 / month after 6 months of activation.
  • A $99 security deposit may be required depending on the credit score provided by the Experian credit bureau if not enough identifying information is provided (e.g. date of birth, driver’s license number, social security number and street address) for the required
    credit check
  • Early termination of the service agreement will require customer to pay an Early Termination Fee in the amount of 100% of the outstanding balance of the contract, plus the full amount of any credits issued during the Term (including promotions).

Globalstar Prepaid Options - No Longer Available

Coverage Map

Home Service Area:
Within the Home Zone, outlined in redbelow, Globalstar North American customers can freely roam without incurring additional airtime costs. This map is intended to highlight Home Zone coverage for Orbit and Galaxy customers in North America. Coverage is subject to change without notice. Click here for a list of countries included in the Home Service Area.

Click on the map for a larger image

Globalstar Coverage Map

Please Note:
The Caller I.D. and SMS text messaging for Sat-Fi are NOT available outside the Home Zone. Voice calls and data transmissions for Sat-Fi will work the same as regular voice/duplex outside the Home Zone according to the following service areas:

 Primary Globalstar Service Area

 Extended Globalstar Service Area
(Customers may experience a weaker signal)

 Fringe Globalstar Service Area
(Customers should expect to experience weakest signal)

 Customers who have purchased their SPOT Global Phone/Globalstar phone outside of this area: Roaming is not currently available when traveling to the following countries and surrounding ocean areas: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Your phone will not work in these areas, however we are working toward resolving this.

Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and parts of Antarctica are currently experiencing technical issues impacting connectivity and service levels. Issues are identified, and we are working to resolve them.

Coverage may vary. Map denotes coverage for satellite two-way voice and duplex data only.

Globalstar Terms and Conditions