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Beam Inmarsat IsatDock 2 Drive Docking Station | Satellite Phones Direct

IsatDock2 DRIVE Docking Station

IsatDock2 DRIVE Docking Station


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BEAM IsatDock2 DRIVE in-vehicle hands-free docking station provides a high quality semi-permanent installation for the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2. The docking station has in-built echo canceling and full duplex technologies to provide superior voice quality and professional hands free or privacy calls for various transport applications.

The IsatDock2 DRIVE supports the IsatPhone 2 Personal Alert and Assistance Alert functionality. Personal Alert messages can be triggered via a single button press on the IsatDock2 DRIVE. It will instantly send your GPS position as well as your pre-configured message via SMS or email.

The IsatPhone 2 handset, fits securely in the Dock, its features include phone charging, USB data port, in-built ringer and allows antenna and power to be permanently connected to the dock ready for use. The IsatPhone 2 handset is easily inserted and removed by the press of a button on the top of the Dock, making it very easy to use away from the dock when required.

The IsatDock2 DRIVE also supports the use of an optional privacy handset that can be easily connected to the Dock.

Product CodeISD2 DRIVE
ManufacturerBeam Communications
Product CodeISD2 DRIVE
ManufacturerBeam Communications


Configuration Port

  • USB Micro


  • TNC-Female

GPS Antenna

  • SMA-Female


  • 2-way microFit


  • 2-way microFit

10-32 VDC

  • 4-way microFit (AC/DC adaptor, or DC lead)

Privacy Handset Port

  • RJ9 connector

Power Specifications

Transmit + Charging

  • 875mA
  • 10.5W

Average Power Consumption Current @ 12V

  • Average
  • Watts

Sleep Mode

  • 5mA
  • 60mW

Peak Current

  • 3.5mW
  • 42W

Standby + Charging

  • 360mA
  • 4.3W

I/O Alarm/Alert

Track button built-in

  • Inbuilt - single key press


  • Inbuilt - single key press

1 x Alarm Loop

  • Bare Wire - Normally Closed loop IN to OUT

Environmental Specifications

Battery Charging Temp

  • 32°F to +113°F (0°C to +45°C)

Operating Range

  • -4°F to +131°F (-20°C to +55°C)


  • -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to +70°C)


  • <-75% RH

Physical Specifications

Outer Box Dimensions

  • 11.42 W x 6.69 D x 7.48 H (inches)
  • 290 W x 170 D x 190 H (mm)

Box Weight

  • 3.75 lbs
  • 1.7 kg

Total Kit Weight

  • 3.68 lbs
  • 1.67 kg

Weight - Dock

  • 1.47 lbs
  • 0.67 kg


  • 9.0 x 3.9 x 3.0 (inches)
  • 229 x 99 x 76 (mm)


  • Inmarsat Type Approval
  • EMC Compliance
  • FCC
  • CE Compliance
  • Electrical Safety
  • RoHS
  • Industry Canada
  • C-Tick


  • IsatDock2 DRIVE
  • 2 x IsatDock2 Adaptors
  • Universal Mounting Bracket (RAM)
  • Speaker & Microphone
  • 10-32V DC Power Cable

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