IsatHub 1000MB Monthly Service Plan | Satellite Phones Direct
IsatHub 1000MB Monthly Service Plan | Satellite Phones Direct

IsatHub 1000MB Monthly Service Plan

IsatHub 1000MB Monthly Service Plan


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Airtime Options

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Plan Details

  • $2,950/month - This is for 1,000MB service plan, which includes free 1,000MB per month allowance
  • No long term contracts! Minimum Service Period is 1 month!
  • Monthly Fees are prorated for the month that activation occurs. The full Monthly Fee applies for the month of deactivation, regardless of deactivation date
  • To deactivate service, we require an email request
  • Unused data allowance does NOT carry over
  • Your service will not be activated until we receive a complete Monthly Service Agreement
  • Service and Airtime usage is billed on a monthly basis. Annual options are available as well.

Monthly Service Agreement

Please print and review the Monthly Service Agreement. Please complete last 2 pages of this agreement and email/fax to Satellite Phones Direct prior to service activation. You will be contacted following the receipt of your service agreement. You can download the service agreement here.

Product CodeIsatHub-1000MB
Product CodeIsatHub-1000MB
Monthly IsatHub Service for iSavi
 Basic25 MB100 MB500 MB1000 MB
Activation Fee$50$50$50$0$0
Monthly Fee$19.99$99.99$365$1,550$2,950
Included Allowance0 MB25 MB100 MB500 MB1000 MB
Rate Per MB (Background IP)$3.75$3.75$3.65$3.10$2.90
Voice Call to Fixed Line$0.79$0.79$0.79$0.75$0.70
Voice Call to Cell Phone$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10
SMS (Outgoing)$0.49$0.49$0.49$0.49$0.49
Minimum Contract Length1 month1 month1 month1 month1 month
Billing Increments
 Minimum DurationIncrement
Voice30 seconds15 seconds
Standard IP0.098 MB0.0196 MB

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