Monthly Plans
Monthly Plans

Monthly Plans

Worldwide Postpaid Pricing
Activation Fee$50$50
Subscription Fee$44.25$65
Free Mins Per Month1060
Contract LengthN/A12 month
Airtime Mobile to Fixed$0.89$0.76
Airtime to Cellular Voice/Fax/Data$1.07$0.96
Data Mobile to Fixed$0.89$0.76
Fax Mobile to Fixed$0.49$0.49
Voice Calls to Other MSS ServicesEntryHigh
Inmarsat B Voice/ fax / 2.4 kbps data$2.95$2.64
Inmarsat M Voice/ fax / 2.4 kbps data$2.50$2.25
Inmarsat Mini M Voice/ fax / 2.4 kbps data$2.15$1.93
Inmarsat GAN/ Fleet / Swift64 Voice data$2.15$1.93
Inmarsat Aero Voice$4.20$3.75
Iridium Voice$9.30$8.25
Globalstar Voice$6.75$6.00
Thuraya Voice$4.25$3.75
Other MSS Carriers$5.90$5.25
BGAN, FBB, SBB Voice$0.85$0.85
GSPS (or SPS) Voice$1.10$1.10
Notes for HIGH (60) minute plan:
In bundle minutes are calls to to fixed, cellular, Voicemail, GSPS, SPS, BGAN, FBB and SBB - all other call types charged for on usage basis
Also available as quarterly or yearly plan - to be paid in advance
Out of bundle traffic charges are regular charges
The minimum duration for the High Plan is 12 months.
North American Postpaid Plans
 Emergency PlanKeep In TouchKeep on TalkingPower Plan
Activation Fee$50$50$50$50
Subscription Fee$24.95$39.99$59.99$99.99
Free Mins Per Month1050150250
Contract Length12 months
Airtime Mobile to Fixed$0.99$0.75
Airtime Mobile to Fixed (Out of region)$2.61
Airtime to Cellular Voice/Fax/Data$0.99$0.75
Airtime to Cellular Voice (Out of region)$2.61
Voicemail (Out of region)$2.61
SMS (outgoing)$0.37
GSPS (or SPS) Voice$1.04
GSPS (or SPS) Voice (Out of region)$2.61
Iridium Voice$8.21
BGAN, FBB, SBB Voice$0.99$0.75
BGAN, FBB, SBB Voice (Out of region)$2.61
Notes on Regional Plan:
• The North American Geographical region is defined as Mainland United States, Alaska and Canada. It does not include Hawaii
• The allowance can only be used within the predefined North American Geographical region. If a call originates outside of the North American Geographical region then the "Out of region" prices will apply.
• All mobile originated voice traffic within the designated North American Geographical region from an IsatPhone Pro terminal to fixed and cellular destinations are included within the North American Plans
• SMS and all calls to GSPS (other IsatPhone's), BGAN/FB/SB, Voicemail and existing and evolved Inmarsat services as well as other Mobile Satellite Networks are not included within the allowance.