Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Duration and scope of warranties on new Equipment is limited to the manufacturer's warranty which for most products is one year. The Customer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with Equipment repairs.

Refunds will be issued to Customers returning an unopened package within 7 days from the date of purchase. SPD must be notified by the Customer within 7 days of any defects so that SPD may replace the defective Equipment. Equipment returns will not be accepted after 7 days of purchase. Returned items must be unopened and are subject to a 20% restocking fee. All sales of prepaid airtime are final. Transferring prepaid airtime from a damaged, lost or stolen SIM card will require a $125 transfer fee. The Customer is responsible for all shipping fees incurred for returned items.

Pre-Owned/Refurbished Equipment
Refurbished Equipment refers to pre-owned Equipment that has been thoroughly tested and may have been submitted for factory repairs. All pre-owned or refurbished equipment is sold as is, and all sales or pre-owned or refurbished equipment is final with no refund or exchange privileges. On selected Pre-Owned/Refurbished Equipment, SPD warrants the equipment for defects in material or workmanship during normal use, as described in the user's manual. Warranty does not cover lost, damaged, or physically abused Equipment. For service under limited warranty, the Customer must contact SPD for initial diagnosis. If SPD cannot diagnose the problem, SPD will issue a RMA number. The customer should return the Equipment to SPD at the Customer’s expense. Upon receipt, SPD will test and examine the Equipment and if defects are not due to misuse, SPD will repair or replace the Equipment with another comparable Pre-Owned/Refurbished unit.

Shipment & Delivery
Products are normally shipped using FedEx Express shipping. Upon the Customer’s request, SPD will expedite shipping via other means. SPD will use reasonable efforts to deliver the Equipment by the requested delivery time but it shall not incur any liability to the Customer in the event of any delay caused by circumstances beyond its control. The Customer will accept the Equipment when delivered on or before the delivery time and if for any reason the Customer fails to accept the Equipment when delivered on or before such date the Customer shall nevertheless be liable for the stated charge in full. Refused or undeliverable shipments will be subject to a restocking fee of 20%, in addition to applicable shipping, transaction and insurance fees.

Retention of Title
Title to goods provided by SPD shall remain vested in SPD and shall not pass to the Customer until the purchase price for the goods has been paid in full and received by SPD.

Rental Terms & Conditions

Payment: The charge as shown on the Satellite Phones Direct LLC (SPD) rental reservation receipt will be processed on the day before shipment using the supplied credit card information. Airtime charges will be processed on a calendar month basis, and usage charged (except prepaid bundles) to renter's credit card on approximately the 1st week of the following month. Call detail is occasionally delayed from Iridium/Globalstar, and therefore SPD reserves the right to bill airtime usage for up to 90 days after the conclusion of the rental period. The Renter will be provided by email call detail for rental airtime usage. If a rental unit is returned late, the additional rental fee will be charged based on the number of days late and the daily rental fee as specified on SPD's website at the time of the rental.

Cancellation If you cancel your rental reservation within 48 hours of the requested ship date, there is no cancellation fee. If the rental has already shipped, the shipping fee is not refundable.

Location and Use: Renter agrees to abide by all of the current regulations in effect in countries where the Equipment may be used, including the purchase of all required licenses. SPD will not be held responsible for any operational restrictions, customs, license or permit fees required for operation in the destination country. In addition, SPD may not be held responsible for fines associated with terminal seizure or for legal ramifications associated with use of the Equipment in countries where such are prohibited. Customers are advised to contact the Embassy or Trade Commission of the destination country prior to operation of the Equipment in that country.

Title And Assignment: The Renter recognizes and acknowledges that SPD retains title to the Equipment, and that the Renter has the right to maintain possession of the Equipment conditional upon Renter's compliance with the terms of this agreement. The Renter agrees not to sell, assign, sublet, pledge, hypothecate, or otherwise encumber or suffer a lien upon or against any interest in this agreement or equipment. SPD may assign its rights hereunder to any other person.

Damage, Repairs and Maintenance: The Renter is responsible for the repair cost of any damage caused by misuse. Misuse includes, but is not limited to, damage due to neglect, failure to follow operating instructions, exposure to avoidable extremes in weather and temperature (heat, flooding), exposure to excessive vibration (not cushioned during transportation), connecting to unauthorized electrical sources or exposure to damaging materials or chemicals (placed in sandy or dusty environment). SPD retains the sole right to determine if the equipment has been damaged, and will notify Renter before charging for any needed repairs. If any of the rental equipment is damaged beyond reasonable repair, or if the equipment is not returned in a reasonable time, SPD will charge the credit card on file or bill the Renter for the replacement value of the equipment and accessories. Replacement value for the Iridium 9555 is $1,000 and the Iridium 9505A is $600. Replacement value for the Globalstar GSP-1700 is $590. This price includes all of the standard accessories that come with each rental. If extra accessories are rented and lost, the replacement cost will equal the current price as listed on the SPD website. For items no longer available on the website, SPD will determine the fair market value, which will be used as the replacement cost.

Renter's Liability for Lost or Stolen Equipment: Someone must be present at the time of delivery in order to sign for the Satellite phone. FedEx will not leave the box. Renter is liable for the replacement cost of all rental equipment until returned to SPD. If the equipment is returned to a US Fedex location or drop box using the SPD provided prepaid FedEx return shipping label, the Renter's liability ends when the shipment is scanned by FedEx, and FedEx's receipt of the shipment can be verified using the FedEx shipment tracking system. If the return shipment does not utilize the SPD supplied prepaid shipping label, the Renter's liability ends upon SPD's receipt of rental equipment. SPD does not recommend that rental return shipments be made from overseas locations. All international return shipments are at the expense of the Renter, and Renter assumes all responsibility for customs duties and fees, as well as loss and rental fees until shipment is received by SPD. Replacement cost for rental equipment will be determined by the current prices as listed on SPD's website. For items not listed on the website, SPD will estimate the fair market value. It is the Renter's responsibility to notify SPD as soon as practical if a rental phone is lost or stolen. Upon notification, SPD will promptly request that airtime service be suspended by Iridium/Globalstar. The Renter is responsible for any airtime usage that may occur prior to the suspension becoming effective. A lost or stolen phone is subject to rental fees until the date Renter notifies SPD that the phone is not recoverable, and reimburses SPD for the value of the lost or stolen equipment.

Usage: It is the Renter's responsibility to understand the features and size of the selected phone, how to use the phone, the coverage areas and how calls are billed. Renter also understands that a clear view to the sky is required to make or receive a call with a satellite phone. Renter agrees to pay all rental and shipping charges regardless of coverage areas or equipment performance in area of attempted use. It is strongly recommended that the Renter test the phone immediately upon receipt, and notify SPD immediately if the phone does not function properly. SPD reserves the right to not refund or prorate rental fees for the rental period prior to the date SPD is notified of a problem. Disconnected or dropped calls and gaps in network coverage during which a call cannot be made are common occurrences with Satellite telephones and should be expected. Satellite phones are also susceptible to many environmental conditions. SPD is liable to its airtime providers for disconnected/dropped calls, and therefore will bill charges for these calls to the Renter. The Renter agrees that SPD will bill the Renter for these calls, and that SPD is not obligated to refund airtime charges for disconnected or dropped calls. Airtime will be billed in 1 minute increments.

Iridium Data Kits: Do to slow speed, dropped calls, low reliability and possible high expense, SPD does not recommend using the Iridium phone and data kit for connecting a laptop to the internet. SPD also has no control over problems that may be caused by a renter's laptop (virus, spyware, operating system corruption, hardware failures, etc.). Customers that elect to rent and use the Iridium data kit agree that they are assuming the risk that it will not function properly. Since Iridium will not refund airtime fees, renter also agrees that they are liable for any airtime usage which is a result of successful or unsuccessful attempts to utilize the Iridium phone and data kit. There will be no refund of rental fees or airtime associated with the use or attempted use of an Iridium data kit.

Rental Period: The minimum rental period is 1 week. The first day of the rental period is the day after the receipt of the rental. The last day of the rental is the day FedEx scans the return shipment, or the date dropped off at our offices. There is no refund for an early rental return.

Package: The Rental package includes a portable satellite phone with accessories specified on Rental Agreement. The accessories that are included are listed below:

Iridium: 2 Batteries, AC Wall Charger, Leather Holster, User's Guide, Carrying Case, and Simple, Detailed Dialing Instructions

Globalstar: 2 Batteries, AC Wall Charger, User's Guide, Carrying Case, and Simple, Detailed Dialing Instructions

Airtime Charges: The Renter agrees to pay SPD all airtime charges based on rate plan and applicable USF Tax. Iridium test calls placed to 00-1-480-752-5105 are free, Globalstar test calls placed to #8378 or 611 are free, all other calls are subject to airtime charges. It is Renters responsibility to know all airtime rates. If a prepaid bundle is purchased, minutes are deducted from the prepaid bundle. You must decide on the amount of minutes you wish to have at the beginning of the rental, prior to receiving the phone. You may not purchase more bundled minutes once the rental has begun. There are no refunds on unused minutes in prepaid bundles. All minutes used beyond the number of prepaid minutes purchased are billed at the standard rental rate published on spdirect.com, locked in at the time of placing the rental order. This also applies to all rentals ordered without a prepaid bundle.

Limitation of Liability: SPD is not responsible for any damage or loss regardless of the reason or misuse of the equipment. SPD makes no presentation that it can provide uninterrupted service. SPD tests all equipment before it is rented and reminds the renter that satellite communications is a technology subject to hindrance by many factors including geography, topography, weather, system outage and misuse. Any and all credits will be at the sole discretion of SPD. It is the renter's responsibility to test the phone upon receipt and notify SPD of any problems. Failure to notify will waive any possible credits.